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all it took was one day [Jan. 26th, 2004|11:50 am]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |sean paul - international affair]

So I came home Friday night at 8:30 or so and I had to take care of the Lunar New Year stuff with the altars at home. My mom is cooking and I notice that she's sniffling like crazy - she got a cold a few days ago after drinking some strong tea or whatever. So we have dinner and all that stuff and I chill in my room for the majority of the night because I'm so tired. I talk to venna on the phone and then we fall asleep and when I wake up the next morning... FARK... I'm sick.

Saturday was pretty nice because I didn't have to tend to whatever my parents usually need (force) me to do. So I hung out with Venna of course; we went to eat at Chilis, even though she hates that place - I turned her around though, as with Macaroni Grill. We ordered classic nachos, but after eating 2-3 chips each, we notice that there's a hair in the plate... The manager comes and tells us that they're fixing a new plate for us, but WTF we have our entrees and the nachos never come. It's the ultimate let-down of the century. We're going for another round of nachos for sure.

Since dinner ended pretty early, we decided to go to Valley Fair and then Santana Row. Man GAP is having a huge sale on jeans and khakis and stuff, too bad I didn't have a lot of my New Years money yet, I seriously would have stocked up. I grabbed a pair of blue jeans and khakis for about 13 bucks a piece! Venna saw my car parts in the trunk and got upset about the fact that I buy so much junk for my car (see previous entry) but I guess it was just a misunderstanding sort of.
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happy real new year [Jan. 22nd, 2004|06:37 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |g-unit - betta ask somebody]

lol when I went into my ASA class this afternoon, professor kim says "happy REAL new year." what a pro-asian freak... sure it's an Asian American Studies class, but where does he go off thinking that he can assume that all the students are asian? We have this essay due next week and we're supposed to write about where we come from. When professor was explaining the assignment, he said something along the lines of "it's okay if you weren't born in asia, you could trace it to your parents too" HELLO there's people in the class that don't have an asian heritage, surprised?

today felt like a really long day because my 3 classes were really close together. I missed lunch because I had to go to rocket science with this maniac guy mohammed hafez, I've never known somebody who's had that crazy of a passion for something. I took a short break in the dorm and then went to ASA. Midterms start next week so I guess I should start studying somewhat. Econ feels pretty sketchy because it's strictly multiple choice, and most of our work has involved drawing graphs or writing out long answers. ASA is pretty chill, and math is... math (ah-haaaaa...).

usually I only have one class on friday, but since we were off on monday, friday is going to follow a monday schedule. I have 2 classes on monday, so it doesn't sound all that bad... but they're 7 hours apart from each other OMFG. So I'm gonna be stuck in Davis and itching to go home for a long time. I'd better keep myself busy somehow, probably go to the MU and screw around there. there's a 9 ball pool tournament coming up next week. my future roomie ryan said i should enter, but i'd just embarass myself. well, time to find something to eat for dinner, i'm so sick of the dining commons.
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my superfly gti [Jan. 21st, 2004|04:52 pm]
so why do I like my car?

well for me, it's just pretty fun to drive. that's my reason for modifying it at all. I think a lot of people have the common misconception of why certain people enjoy cars so much. I think it carries over to my curiosity of why people like to shop so much.

after driving for a long time on a torn CV (constant velocity) boot, I finally got it fixed last week at Tomas Sport Tuning in San Pablo. those guys are pretty cool, but not cool enough as to charge me for an hour's worth of labor when it only took half an hour!!! oh well, I'm picking up a set of shocks pretty soon so that I can lower my car again. I put my car back to stock height in hopes to get it fixed for free at the dealership, but no avail... it was going to take too long and there was no way I could get it fixed in the middle of the week, so I had to fork out the money for this convenience.

I don't fix it because I "love" my car so much. I fix my car because it's broken. the longer you ignore a problem with your car, the more expensive it's going to cost you to fix it. it freaks me out when I find out how people don't keep up with their oil changes and stuff like that... do you people know how much damage can be dealt if you put it off for a while? my dad neglected to change the oil on our 4runner once and my mom drove it home with all of this smoke coming out of the hood lol. to make a long story short, it cost us a couple thousand to get it fixed, omfg to that. I have to change my oil this weekend I think; it's a wack ass thing to do, but it just has to be done.
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bobby busboy [Jan. 20th, 2004|06:06 pm]
[music |wallflowers - one headlight]

I remember this one time I was watching ESPN and there was some table waiting competition at the hard rock cafe in vegas. I'm not sure if everybody knows but recently my family took over this restaurant in downtown san francisco. It's not your typical run-down pho restaurant, but we do serve it. The place is a little nicer than that though. This weekend there was a Little Saigon festival taking place on the block our restaurant was on, and since there's this huge grand opening sign outside of the place, it's got to be one of the best ways to get business.

There's some people in this world who are cut out for food service and whatnot; i'm definitely not one of them. With our high volume of customers that day, we ended up making four times our usual income on a busy day. It had to have been free labor at it's best this weekend. My cousins and I rolled 10 deep and ran in to bus tables and stuff, it was so crazy. People were getting pissed off that their food wasn't coming in a timely fashion, so I tried my best to push my sister to pay attention to everything that was going on, because she was at the register. GAH!

Well I'm back in Davis now and school was pretty boring today. My TA for math is such a knob, she pushes us to ask her for help if we need it, but she doesn't help us with shit. My professor isn't much help either, and all of the students are complaining. I have a midterm next wednesday and I'm not feeling too great about it, but what else is new. I'm going to get to my hw now, my next entry is going to be about a very controversial subject: cars and why guys (or just me) enjoy them.
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the george michael version is the best [Dec. 18th, 2003|03:49 pm]
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |the horrendous rap beats on adrwheels.com]

so i'm at work right now waiting on a hard drive to transfer lots of information. it's amazing how quickly hardware becomes obsolete. the funny thing is... most software will never require us to use some of the ridiculously fast components we slap onto our computers whenever theres a sale on newegg.com or what have you. i built my mom this really nice computer (i'll spare you the specs) and it's faster than the one i use! she'll only be using it for word processing, internet access, and accounting. what a bummer...

part of my top lip is numb right now because i got 1 out of 3 cavities filled today, the other 2 are gonna be filled tomorrow. i was sitting in the office and i heard the best christmas song EVAR...

george michael - last christmas

theres all of these cover songs out now, including the cover of that song by jimmy eat world. but the fact of the matter is, you can never dethrone the old hits. what's worse is that people enjoy these cover songs as if they were new, without any prior knowledge of the song that came before it. people gave p diddy a hard time about using old beats, but using the old lyrics with a slightly different beat? come on now, i want to see who's giving jimmy eat world a hard time about their song.

we got a new car last night, a 2004 honda odyssey. we're getting way too many cars now... i think we need to enact some population control in our garage. it's okay though, i think we're giving away our crx, which just received an 85 dollar muffler job out of my pocket, ouch! i guess i could consider that to be the family's christmas gift, but i still feel discontent about the lack of presents i've been getting lol. i bought some nice useful gifts for some people today but the things that were given in return... i don't even know what to say about that. oh well, i don't want anything in particular for christmas anyway.
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I haven't even seen a cow yet... [Nov. 17th, 2003|07:54 pm]
[mood |groggygroggy]
[music |Jay-Z f/ Pharrell - Change Clothes and Go]

Wow I love the way people ask me the most ridiculous questions about school. No, I haven't gone cow tipping and I can smell the poo on windy days. What happened to "how do you like your classes?" or "have you decided your major yet?"

And to you high school kids wanting to go to UC Davis:
I'm not your fucking admissions advisor. So I got into the school, it doesn't mean that I knew exactly what it took to get in. I'm as clueless as you are about how to get into UC (insert city here) .

Now, in other news... I feel like I'm getting into the groove of things now, but I need to develop some study habits, because I think my next quarter is going to be more rigorous, but Fridays will always be cut short <3. I heard this internet connection was supposed to be blazing fast, but umm wtf it lags, a lot. Kazaa is blocked, but it's okay because I don't download stuff from there anyway.

It pisses me off that some people have no common sense when it comes to browsing the internet. You know those popups that try to fake that "OK" button when the whole window is a link to some spam site... or those popups that tell you to click yes to continue, but if you look farther up, it asks you if you would like to set bla bla bla as your homepage. HELLO that's a fishy message, so don't click stuff like that because it messes up your computer. I've had to deal with it for too long with my notebook computer that falls into the wrong hands all the time. I don't bring it up to davis so it goes around like a village bike :(

Venna's birthday is on Sunday this week and I won't get to see her because she's going shopping with her sugar daddies V and M lol. Hopefully we'll be able to do something on Saturday. I'm glad that the evanescence concert is cancelled because I have a midterm the Monday after the date it was supposed to take place. I guess it's time to study a little now, so i'll end it here.
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i'm all moved in [Sep. 22nd, 2003|09:54 am]
[mood |indifferentindifferent]
[music |linkin park - papercut]

Hey guys, so I'm at my dorm at Davis now. My departure was kind of sad, but the move in day was a lot of fun. The funny thing is, I moved in here on Saturday and then came back home later that day. HERRA driving dude. So Roger and I came back Sunday to get things settled and things are looking pretty nice in here.

Here is our dorm

Pretty simple setup, but I think my desk is too cluttered. I might end up having to study some place else with a room this crammed...

just kiddingCollapse )
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Look I am LJ'ing [Sep. 10th, 2003|09:27 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |Dido [White Flag]]

Hello. I haven't LJ'ed in a loooong time because I am a poo. I like seasoned beef with potatoes and I hate apples. I am also going to Davis soon because they asked me to join them. Yaaaaaaay.

Bobby never LJ's and I forgot to LJ the last time we were at his house, so I am LJ'ing for him now :) I hope he doesn't notice. But he's really busy and stuff, so I think it's ok. If you are reading this, that means he didn't delete it :))) I hope he writes in here when he's haivng his like....342827424 hour break between classes during the afternoon. Ok, I'll stop taking his LJ :)
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cookies for a giant [Aug. 19th, 2003|09:35 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |pharell and jay-z - frontin']

Work has been such a bore for me, but I guess that's kinda bad because things have been slowing down. Today's pace changed a little bit because Josh came to work today so I could wire up his radio with some computer power cables. It looks pretty pimp! I'll try to get him to take pictures of it so I can show off my skills ;). My e-bay fiending has been pretty decent so far, seeing that I sold my first 2 items, but my 2 newest items haven't sold, and I don't think that they will sell. Oh well...

Once I got off of work, I went to Irvington to bug myke while he was at in-school band camp. He already left, but I saw two Anthonys (Tadina and Martinez). They're not really close friends of mine, but they are close to Venna. Josh and I got outta there and then we went to Troy Ermish's datsun 510 and muffler shop to check out some mufflers for his corolla. It makes me want a dual tip magnaflow for my GTi, but I'll be a post whore on the VW forums to find out how much people like em. Finally, my car mods will be under way.

Now to the title of this entry lol. I went to Venna's house like usual and when Todd opened the door for me, Venna came running out of her room with this HUGE bag of cookies, like ones made for giants. Anyway, her mom got them from costco and there were actually 5 little packages inside of that huge bag, but that's a nice way to package cookies in bulk nonetheless. I've seen different types of packaging because my uncle's shop is right next to a mother's cookies factory, but this design is the shiz by far.

OK it's time for my dinner. Yes it's 10:00PM right now, but that's the usual time for my dinner with parents that work all day.
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visiting my grease monkey side [Aug. 13th, 2003|10:16 pm]
[mood |dirtydirty]
[music |ashanti - rock wit u]

The most defining moment of my day yesterday was when I performed my GTi's first oil change. haha, I'm sure that it's not much to most of you but I felt pretty accomplished when it was all done. I ended up blowing so much money for supplies in the process, so I hope that it pays off in the long run. Today at work, I changed oil again for the company van. omb, that Toyota Previa has about 250,000 miles on it and it still runs strong, pretty crazy stuff. I guess I'm gonna be bummed out to find out that theres no car at work that needs a change. Working in a garage would be pretty fun, but my parents would never live with that as a career for their kid.

moving on... I'm so glad that I start school REALLY late (september 25th :D). A lot of people are starting in a few weeks, so that sucks for them. My year ends later, but still, having this extended summer is well worth it. I have to pick up my supplies for school. No, not notebook paper and stuff like that, but a refridgerator and other appliances and forms of entertainment for the dorms. Hopefully I can get that fridge from costco tomorrow, because my mom has been flaking out on me about it. I have this fear that it's sold out because all of the kids that are off to college bought all of them. BLAH oh well, it won't be my fault when I see that they're all gone. I need to go racing now, so I will update later.
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